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Eyes Contour

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Emulsion, eye and lip contour, 15 ml.

Decongesting and Anti-Wrinkles effect helps fight with eye puffiness. Very relaxing.


Benefits: Decongesting and anti-wrinkle helps fight under-eye puffiness, relaxing

Target: To get rid of dark circles, puffiness, and crows feet. It will prevent and diminish the appearance of fine lines. Can also be used on the lips


  • Lotus: Distressing
  • Hydroglycol of camomile: relieves congestion
  • DMAE: powerful anti-wrinkle lifting

Application: Apply only in the morning for 6 weeks then every other day as maintenance

Action: Anti-wrinkles and Anti-bags relaxing and clearing. Strengthen the firmness of the capillary


  • Peptides and amino acids (valine, trytophane) allow the drain.
  • Hesperides methyl chalcone: strengthen the firmness of the capillary.
  • Palmitoyl GGPA: soothes the irritation and fights against the loosening of the skin.



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