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Regenerating facial lotion, 100ml.

Stimulates and regenerates the tissue, purifies and clears the skin.


Benefits: Help re-plump, moisturize, and protect the skin.

Target: To use as a base before applying any cream or makeup and when skin feels dry. For active women to be carried in their bag for their everyday life.


  1. Apply by spraying on the face, neck, and the lower neckline morning and night after cleansing and removing make-up... It is stimulating and rebalancing.
  2. Keep in your bag, and use it when you feel your skin dehydrated. Can be applied over the makeup.

Action: Stimulates and regenerates the tissue (Vitamin C and pure oxygen)
Purifies and clears the skin, White Lilly). Gives volume and moisturizes the skin. Instantaneous mini-lift effect.

Formula: White Lilly, Pure Vitamin C, Microencapsulated pure oxygen, Hyaluronic acid.



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